India Summer and London River (fuck, good, lingerie).

India Summer and London River look good together. Their matching tan skin and dark hair make for the perfect pairing in a lingerie shoot. What India doesn’t expect is that London has had her set up all along. The photographer seemed like the real creepy guy with a camera, but it turns out that he is just part of London’s schemes. Once London has India in her clutches India realizes that this is not the shoot she was booked for. London loves feet so she starts with them; slowly removing India’s shoes so she can caress and suck on her stockinged toes, but London soon decides that she would rather play a little rougher than light caresses. After punishing India’s soles she ties India to a metal bed frame propped on it’s side. From here she has access to India’s entire body. She flogs her, yanks her hair, and uses a vibrator to rip orgasms from her. She wants to challenger her pretty toy though and India is arched back into a beautiful, strenuous position that London leaves her in to watch her suffer. Finally London decides it’s time to fuck her new playmate and after London warms her up with her mouth, India has had a change of heart. She moans with pleasure as London fucks her and even begs for her to continue. London knows how to get girls to warm up to her, even if she does start in non-conventional ways.

Format: mp4
Duration: 38:30
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 7316kbps
Audio: 105kbps

India Summer and London River! India Summer and London River (fuck, lingerie, time, good, hair)
India Summer and London River. India Summer and London River - lingerie, good, hair, fuck, time

India Summer and London River - good, lingerie, time, fuck
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India Summer and London River.


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